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A Summary of Norah eh?!

The operative word for Norah is change. She has lived in 64 homes, plus one car, in 34 cities and has had more jobs than can counted.

She takes the reader through the decades telling the stories associated with each house as well as some of the jobs.

The narrative is presented in the casual, laid-back manner of someone talking to a biographer sitting across the table with many off-topic meanders. Norah's sense of humour and tendency for self-effacement keeps the stories from becoming maudlin and pathetic.

Along the way, Norah shares her thoughts and beliefs on the spiritual aspect of her journey as well as a range of other subjects, including her thoughts on an ideal government.

Considerable progress had been made writing  “Norah, eh?!”, when the Archangel Malak introduced himself. After finding a way to communicate, Malak shared his wisdom and spiritual insights and helped with the story of Norah’s life.

Malak told Norah that, as disciples of Jesus, they were there when He died on the cross, but it was only in this life that He chose to be her Guardian Angel and guide to share the message of God's great Love.